We're the scale experts, delivering, fixing, and sprinkling our magic across South Africa! From setting up to troubleshooting, we've got you covered. Plus, we're the go-to team for all your retail scale needs. Avocet is all about supporting local and spreading excellence far and wide across Africa's booming economy! Show through our vast reach of 10 Branches country wide. We deliver, install, verify, diagnose and repair. We also repair spares and accept trade in equipment. Don't hesitate - get in touch with us now!

Financing Equipment

Need a hand with financing those big buys? Picture this: we swoop in to rescue your wallet woes by offering stress-free payment plans. Say hello to happy shopping and shiny new equipment ready to roll. Oh, and did we mention our top-class warranty on scale, printer, and wrapping machine parts? Drop by your closest branch for all the info!

Demonstration and Consulting Services

We offer a magic wand of consultation services that will wave away all your company's needs in one fell swoop! We will meet with you, asses your needs, compile an approved plan and implement it. We'll also throw in a detailed show-and-tell of the amazing equipment we have on offer that you might fancy!

Service Level Agreements

Avocet is proud of the service we provide to our customers after the sale has been concluded. We provide our customers the option of having Avocet take care of their equipment through Service Level Agreements. It is not only a premium product for large corporations, but to all customers that want to care for their reliable Avocet equipment and keep them in great working order. This agreement covers your loved Avocet equipment on wear-and-tear, parts, technical assistance and routine services at a low monthly instalment, saving you time & money. Contact your nearest branch and find out more today!


You have great ideas; we have great products. ! Let us sprinkle some magic on your ideas and bring them to life. Our team of sales superheroes and tech whizzes are stationed across all our branches, ready to swoop in and give you the best advice on all things weighing and labelling. From shiny new gear to pre-loved treasures and locally made wonders, we've got it all. Need spare parts or snazzy labels? We've got your back with both local and imported goodies.

Servicing & Maintenance

With our squad of tech guru’s, we can work our magic on Ishida Scales, CAS Scales, TSC Printers, and Edikio Card Machines. Let's keep those trusty scales in tip-top shape! Just reach out to the closest branch listed on our contact's page!


As part of the GS1 Alliance Associate Partner Program, our team is here to decode all your barcode needs! Whether you're a small business looking to streamline your inventory management or a large corporation seeking to enhance your supply chain efficiency, our expert team is dedicated to providing top-notch barcode solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

NRCS Repair & Verification

Avocet Scales and Labels is the ultimate hub for Scale Repairers and Verification Officers across all 10 branches. Our team of Verification Officers are equipped with top-notch training. Being contracted to the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), we're here to chat about Verifications, Repairs, and all your Prescribed Purpose needs. Let's scale up together!

After Sales Service

We take pride in our top-notch After Sales Service, offering on-the-go support across South Africa. With our Product Distributors and fly-in service covering Africa, we've got you covered from all angles. Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is our mission, with regular servicing and updates to keep things humming smoothly. Plus, dive into our treasure trove of Spare Parts for any emergency and swing by our cutting-edge repair hub in Johannesburg, specializing in PC Board wizardry. To top it off, we offer staff training so your team can rock your new gear with confidence!

On-going consumable supplies

We whip up personalized labels to match every wild wish of our customers. Plus, we've got a bunch of nifty Thermal Scale- and Printer Labels ready to rock, perfect for our South African and African pals. Contact us today to find out more about our range of consumables.

Customized Software

Let's jazz up your business with your very own custom software! We'll tailor everything to fit your unique retail or manufacturing needs. Our gear is ready to dazzle you, just like we've wowed countless clients before!