Say hello to the ultimate retail scale solution - the UNI-3 series!

Avocet Scales & Labels

Avocet Scales and Labels rules the retail weighing world! Hailing from sunny South Africa, this homegrown gem boasts a Head Office, Warehouse, and Label Production hub, spreading its magic through 10 branches across the country. Offering a wide range of Weighing Scales, Label Printers, and nifty solutions, plus top-notch wrapping film and labels, all backed by solid guarantees. With a rock-solid foundation in tech excellence, we deliver a professional service, maintenance and repairs on the go, and we are a SANAS accredited verification lab for all your electronic weighing needs. Let the weighing wonders begin!

Market Overview

We've got you covered across various industries - from retail to food processing, transport to farming, and everything in between! Avocet's top-notch weighing gear features heavyweight champs like ISHIDA, CAS, and KELI. Need labeling and tagging? TSC and Edikio have got your back. Expect precision, dependability, and a sprinkle of magic for efficiency, all wrapped up in a budget-friendly package with top-notch service.


Get ready to jazz up your retail stores with our Label Printing Scales! We've got the Ishida UNI Label Printing Scales and WM Series wrapping machines, your perfect partners in retail success. Let's weigh in while being eco-friendly champions!

Food Processing

With our impressive mix of the best Weighing gadgets and tailored solutions featuring Ishida and TSC equipment, we've got all the tricks up our sleeves to cater to the unique integration and labeling needs of Food Processing hotshots like Chicken, Meat, Fruit and Veg, Deli, and Bakery maestros!

Transport and Logistics

With the TSC Desktop and Industrial Printer we have in our vast range of weighing equipment, the mighty Ishida platform scales, and our Label Production wizards, we are here to rock the Transport and Logistics industry, tailoring our goods to fit your every need!


No matter if you're in the scrap merchant, car-making, or engineering world, we've got top-notch scales and label printers that will jazz up your biz and can be tailored to fit your every whim.