Modern times call for modern measures. In a health-conscious world where a fine eye is on ECO-everything! The need for healthier packaging is higher now, than ever. Look no further than Avocet’s film range. Having two main suppliers, the focus is on sustainability, eco-friendly, higher bio-degradability and affordability.


We all know what the masses think, “If you want bio-anything, it’s going to cost you!” This is only true if you want to go green and buy from the suppliers that are exploiting the high-profit, low-volume free-range market. Have a chat with your nearest Avocet Branch. You will be surprised at how affordable the wrapping film is that offers you more GREEN for your money.


While everyone else counts their change after an expensive visit to their local BIO-Supplier, you can be using a higher standard of wrapping film on your products that is not only better for the environment but also better for your clients.


The range of wrapping film that Avocet has to offer, includes two main suppliers that offered better quality and healthier options.

Originally the film was sourced for use in ISHIDA Automatic Wrapping Machines but, over time, the masses have become aware of the gain in the use of this film. Longer shelf life and less re-wrapping contributes to the affordability to your business.

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  • Stretchable.
  • Condensation free.
  • Promotes longer shelf life.
  • Less re-wraps.
  • More eco-friendly.
  • Business, restaurant and home use.

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