This Wall Scale is built like a warrior. It’s ready to handle the hustle and bustle of the busiest businesses and butcher shops.

It’s got a handy fold-down platform for easy access and convenience.

Check out our lineup of snazzy industrial scales waiting for you to explore!

Plus, it’s wall-mounted for space-saving ease,

but can easily be mounted on a stand if your walls are not strong enough. With the CAS PB indicator, you can trust that you’ll get accurate readings every time. This is one tough scale that’s ready to take on the world!

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  • It can handle up to 300kg with precision down to 100g
  • The LED display is a brilliant beacon of clarity even from across the room
  • Its platform is as tough as nails and folds down for easy access
  • Stainless steel hooks are included for all your meaty needs
  • It’s compact enough to mount on the wall or floor
  • Cleanup is a breeze, no sweat!

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