Behold the UNI-5 Series a sleek and ergonomic system. It’s the superhero of transactions! With a touch-panel, weighing platter, multiple interfaces, and a direct thermal printer, it’s the perfect fit for your retail needs.

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The 7″ touch panel display has a sleek multi-window layout that showcases tare, weight, unit price, and total price, all arranged vertically on the right side of the display. Never compromise on connectivity as the Uni-5 comes with a range of interfaces. The hi-tech electronic multi-layer main board and dependable VxWorks operating system are what make Ishida’s retail scale printer a reliable and long-lasting scale.

The sharp, bright, grayscale 7″ LCD with backlight is sure to grab your customers’ attention. And the direct thermal printer with its nifty side-loading system is a real game-changer with variable speeds that can be set via software between 80, 100, 120, and 150mm/sec.

Get ready to rock the retail world with the UNI-5 Series!

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  • The UNI-5 series boasts unparalleled software versatility and expansive features.
  • Dependability is the middle name of the UNI-5 series, making it a no-brainer in the retail and business scenes.
  • Luxurious yet budget-friendly, the UNI-5 series is the epitome of affordable elegance.
  • The UNI-5 series is the ultimate multi-tasker, ready to take on any challenge.
  • With network capabilities, the UNI-5 series is the perfect team player for your business.
  • The cherry on top? A sleek and responsive membrane keyboard.

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