Ishida’s top-notch quality and dependability, along with the UNI-3 series’ vast software capabilities, make it a must-have for retail shops of all kinds, from mom-and-pop grocers to bigger supermarkets, butcher shops, and more.

Say hello to the ultimate retail scale solution – the UNI-3 series!

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The UNI-3 L2 models feature a dual-line green backlit LCD screen, comprising of one line of dot matrix alphanumeric characters and another line with numeric data. Further, these models can be integrated into your existing systems via Ethernet links to your back-office. The scale software installed on your back-office computers simplifies the management of your product prices and printable ingredients.


The Future of Labels: Linerless:

  • The linerless label with zero backing paper enhances the environmentally friendly image and responsibility we strive for
  • Our Linerless paper have variable print lengths based on information quantity required.


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  • Multiple capacity options available
  • Custom label formats can be created
  • Compatible with larger platform and carcass scales
  • Equipped with a high-brightness LED display
  • Weight display features a 6-digit readout

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