Looking for a budget-friendly printer that won’t hog your desk space? Say hello to the TDP-225 printer – This printer packs a punch in a pint-sized package! With a sleek and compact 2-inch design, this mini printer is a breeze to install and comes with user-friendly software that’s as easy as pie. And when it comes to loading labels and cleaning, it’s a walk in the park!


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But wait, there’s more! This printer is super special with its no-lose-able parts and can fit into tight spaces where other printers can’t. Plus, it’s all about integration – seamlessly syncing up with various back office systems.

The TDP-225 also flaunts a user-friendly clam-shell design that’s lightning-fast. Just flip open the cover and drop in your labels – the printer’s spring-loaded media guide will take care of the rest. With top of form sensing via gap, black mark, or continuous paper, this printer is a real game-changer!

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  • A top-notch double-walled clamshell design
  • Direct thermal print technology to get the job done
  • No sweat, easy to load your media
  • The head-up sensor to keep things running smooth
  • Standard-issue serial and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • And if you want more, go for the optional internal Ethernet

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