The PDN has a low profile and so space efficient. This series has been designed with CAS reliability, under rigid quality control and with outstanding performance. Your special departments can enjoy these high quality reliable CAS products. We believe that your needs will be met and you will have the reliability in a scale that you desire.


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The PDN Series has an easy to use USB point for it’s power source and communication hub, with optional Bluetooth connectivity. It has a remote display and a duel display as an optional extra and it comes with a side/rear display (also optional) to make for easy viewing and efficiency. Lastly, it has a tilt display and
high brightness LED display that will make your weight and information so much easier to read.


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  • USB for Power Source and Communication
  • Comes in Black or Ivory
  • Dual Display (Option)
  • Side/Rear Display(Option)
  • Tilt Display & High brightness LED Display


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