The must-have PDN Series – low profile and space-saving design. The PDN Series is a tech wizard with a dazzling interface and an unbeatable power source. It’s got all the bells and whistles, starting with a USB port that doubles as a communication hub, with Bluetooth connectivity as an option.


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For those who love to multitask, PDN comes with a remote display and an optional dual display.

Plus, there’s a side/rear display that lets you keep an eye on things with ease. And let’s not forget about the tilt display, complete with a bright LED that makes reading weight and other info a breeze.



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  • It has a cutting-edge interface and power source
  • Can be charge and connect via USB
  • Available in the NEW sleek black or elegant ivory
  • Double the display, double the fun (optional)
  • It has a side or rear display (optional)
  • Tilt the display and let the dazzling LED light up your world!


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