These labels are pressure sensitive labels that do not have a release liner, which mean they do not need any backing paper.

This is not only good for your company and cost effective but also great for the environment.

Quite simply these labels are pressure sensitive and having no support from a release liner meas there is not backing paper required, Therefore the market demand for these labels are ever increasing.

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  • Cost effective –¬† it means more labels per roll, this means lower transportation costs.
  • Environmental friendly – There is no matrix to strip so it will lower your waste costs.
  • Bond to various substrates including recycled materials.
  • Offer pressure sensitive reaction with the silicone coating
  • Have many different application methods.
  • Able to accommodate high speeds and required print resolutions.
  • Can also adjust to slower speeds and lower application temperature requirements – Useful for Deli’s
  • Can also be used in warehouse and retails plants to mark items with removable labels.

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