With a maximum resolution of 1/15,000, it’s no wonder the SW-II can handle any task thrown its way. The One-Stop Solution for All Your Retail Needs! Plus, it’s got a USB port for effortless communication and a rear display for customers to keep tabs on their goods.

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Introducing the SW-II: your new trusty sidekick in any industrial setup, even the bustling bazaars of yesteryear. This sleek scale boasts an ergonomic design, making it a breeze to handle.

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  • High Resolution for Weighing (Max. 1/15,000, Certificate 1/3,000 dual)
  • Easy Grab Body for no-fuss handling
  • Ergonomically designed with a low body for comfortable use
  • USB Port for COMM. & Power (Optional)
  • Rear Display for Customer (Optional)
  • Rechargeable Battery (Optional)
  • Go up to 1,000 hours with Mn or Pb battery. Yeah, we know it’s impressive!

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