Personalized tags that will make your information display stand out from the rest! Edikio solutions by Evolis offer you everything you need to create attractive price tags or product info tags quickly, efficiently, and economically, directly at your points of sale or from an office PC. These tags/display cards are waterproof, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to manage with the user-friendly software.


Take a look here, BAKER & COOK EDIKIO EXPERIENCE, at just one of the many international customer testimonials.

Edikio is the only price tag management software designed specifically for retailers.
It allows you to use your own list in Microsoft Excel™ format and sort your items by category. Using either one of 350 embedded images or importing your own logo, these display tags will show off your brand and unique sense of style.

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  • Easy handling.
  • Varied and customizable contents.
  • Print in record time, individually or in batches.
  • Discreet integration into your work environment.
  • Easy to install.

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