The UNI-5 Series packs many features into a compact, ergonomic system that makes transactions simple. It really does go out of it’s “weigh” to impress (see what we did there ;-))

It not only has an operated touch-panel, large weighing platter, membrane keyboard and a direct thermal printer but it’s also SUPER smart looking. It’s the kind of scale that customers in your store will look at and be impressed by. It’s ergonomic system also makes transactions simple, which is good for staff implementation. You don’t want your staff to be stuck with a machine that does not make their lives so much easier.


Let’s have a look at some of the massive plus points this machine has to offer.

• A multi-window screen layout that displays tare, weight, unit price and total price, product name and scale connectivity status for easy, efficient operation.(everything you can imagine a customer would want to see)

Sophisticated virtual display options for the operator, to view receipts, coupons, labels and totals before printing.(in other-words everything your staff would want to see)

• A self-serve mode – ideal for busier supermarkets – made possible by an LCD customer-side display. This can also be used for displaying store messages and adverts to enhance sales. (My job here in done…)




This scale will literally sell itself…

it will play adverts while your customers stand and wait for their goods to be weighed and packaged. How amazing is that?

Your customers will be able to view advertised specials and details of their purchase on an ultra-bright customer-side LCD. There is no better way to get a busy mom or dad’s (who’s running through the shop on their way home) attention. Why not show them what else your store has on special for that day, it might very well be something they have completely forgotten about (or something they can grab quickly to snack on later when they have some “me / us time”).


Some of the features the UNI-5 can offer you are –

  • Versatile and vast software functionality
  • Reliability (makes the UNI-5 series a “must have” for various retail and businesses)
  • Affordable elegance. (and yes, believe it, it’s such a good looking scale!)
  • Multi-purpose
  • Networkable
  • Membrane keyboard (Just fancy way to say the keyboard will last a looooooong time 😉 )


The way stores are looking lately reminds me of an art gallery, I sometimes feel a little out, especially if I run into the shop not looking my best. This scale will never “feel a little out”. it’s always going to look gorgeous and it does it’s job so well. It really is an amazing buy. You get the best of both worlds, whether selecting the straight forward bench model, bench with pole, or elevated head style, Uni-5 users will find it easy to use!


There is really something for everyone in this UNI-5.

Hit the “Contact” tab, select a branch and give us a shout.

Let us send one of our experienced technicians to your store and have them show you how amazing the UNI-5 really is!


You will not regret it.

Happy shopping!