Why should you invest in an automatic wrapping machine?

That’s only question you should be asking yourself as business owner…


Let’s see why investing in one of these could be a massive benefit for your business in the long-run.

In this blog we will cover a quick Q&A that we get from most of our customers.


First of all, I am not sure if you have noticed, most of the self service counters or food bars have changed into pre-packed and per-weighed food packages due to the events of late. With the virus in our midst it’s a safer option and the store can guarantee less handling of the food, which means less risk to the public.

However, this means you will need to purchase more wrapping film and possibly increase your staff compliment or outsource these kinds of production needs.

We do have an easier option for you that WILL save you money in the long run.


The wrapping machine..

What is an Automatic Wrapping Machine?

We will go through two of the machines that Avocet have available for sale (we do have more, you can hit the contact button to find out more about those 🙂 )

The first one being the WM-AI, it’s design is the result of ISHIDA’s extensive expertise, gained by a thorough analysis of global working environments, operational processes, operator ergonomics and production lines. The second is our WM-AI-Auto-Infeed. This one is especially ideal for a wide-variety small-lot production, its super user-friendly and has flexibility for an ever changing market, it will happily change along with your needs and your growing business.


Energy savings is fast becoming one of the most important things to consider when purchasing large machines like these. You will be happy to know they use regular household power, 220-240V instead of 3-Phase, that is a big energy saver.


How does it work?

The WM-AI is best for high production, it “Weighs, wraps and labels” and it’s all integrated in one unit!

This creates a “Fully automatic wrapper” utilizing SMART & AI (Artificial Intelligence) features to improve field productivity to a maximum. The WM-AI-Auto-Infeed is stable and has a steady tray transport without disruption and more suited for a growing environment.


How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the model you are interested in and your store requirements.

It will be best to have a technician / sales expert come out and assess your store. Simply hit the “contact” button and we will be happy to do a FREE demo! They will also be able to provide you with the best option to suit your needs.


How will it revolutionise my business?

Needless to say it will push out 10x the current packaging workload, which

will save you time and money!


How will my staff adapt to it?

Both models are user friendly, our awesome technicians will provide more than adequate training to all your staff once your machine has been delivered and installed. We can also provide you

with a SLA (Service level agreement), this can help you keep cost down and have

support on hand (or remotely) when needed.


Why should I test it out and see if it’s a good fit for my business?

You wouldn’t buy a car unless you test drive it right? Pretty much the same concept. You need see if it’s the right fit for you and your business. Get a feel for the right model that ticks all the boxes.


Why should I buy it from Avocet?

We are built on our strong technical background and ability.

We offer a full on-road Maintenance, Service and Repair services and we are a SANAS accredited Verification Laboratory with the ability to verify any approved electronic weighing device within a capacity range of 3 to 1500kg as is a legal requirement.


These wrapping machines are fast, attractive and stable. The wrapping provides much needed protection to the goods inside and ensures tamper proof packaging. They can wrap Up to 35 packs per minute from small to large trays. (Depending on product and tray size and labeling requirements). They have a unique two-film roll mechanism, this Instantly selects the correct film size and associated parameters from the machines’ database, to create optimum wrap quality, using the minimum of film. Last but not least, these wrappers have a high speed printing at 120 mm / sec. (pretty impressive!)


Label placement…

Label placement must be accurate and consistent without causing damage to the product or the
film. In the WM-AI this is managed by the tray detection system which knows the size and location
of the tray together with the label placement co-ordinates.


The WM-AI will print true type font thanks to its PC based system. This provides attractive, clear and legible text in flexible label format designs. It will, of course, be able to print the mandatory regulatory information such as: product name, amount, bar code, nutrition ingredient labeling, allergy information, country of origin and food traceability information etc


In the theme of our “May is Energy”month, these Wrapping Machines can also use lineless labels. These means you will be saving money on these labels as they are more efficient and have less waste.


Now that we have answered some of the questions you might have, the last thing to do is contact us.

Let one of our experienced technicians or sales team members chat to you about these amazing machines and answer any other question that you might have lingering.


We fit your business.

So, let us wrap this up in person,

Contact us today!