In the case of Legal Metrology, you as a business, should not overlook the technical and legal jargon.


An essential part of your business is the legal trade of the products you supply to your clients. This means that the weighing and labelling of products, needs to be up to scratch.


The NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) was formed in September of 2008 and emerged separate from it’s older, more well-known sibling, SABS. The NRCS surveys a wide spectrum of fields to ensure fair trade, mass measuring instruments (scales) is one of them, and this falls in our field of expertise. Avocet is designated by the NRCS to ensure that scales are being Repaired and Verified in the correct manner. Without the correct and valid certification, you are not allowed to use your scale for any Prescribed Purpose.


“Prescribed Purpose” is the modern term, according to the Legal Metrology Act (Act 9 of 2014) when using your scale to weigh an item, that your clients pay for. Whether it be meat from the butchery, filling pre-labelled containers to a prescribed weight, or shipping items via a courier according to its mass. It is all controlled to make sure suppliers and consumers are both happy.


So, in a nutshell, Avocet is more than happy to attend to your Repair and Verification needs and assist you getting over this hurdle with ease.