Thermal Transfer Printers…

These savvy printers are very innovative and operate on an amazing level of

speed and sophistication for their size.

This month is not only a month of new beginnings and endless chocolate treats but also a month of working smarter, not harder.

We focus on how Thermal Transfer Printers can help improve your turnaround time and help your production line be more productive. The TSC Range has three Thermal Transfer Printers we showcase this month.

Let us have a look at each of these individually and see how it can change the way you run your store.

First, let’s see why we recommend these savvy little superstars.


Do thermal transfer printers run out of ink? (a good question)…

Thermal transfer printers can never run out of ink because they don’t use ink. They have a special mechanism that creates imprints with the application of heat. Thermal transfer printers use heat to transfer the print ribbons onto the paper.

These printers are known to have a long durability due this simple fact. This means less trouble with with replacing ink and budgeting for ink (we all know how expensive ink can be!  eeeekkk!)


What paper does a thermal transfer printer use?

Thermal transfer printers can use a variety of papers (polyprop, semi-gloss, gloss, thermal & non-thermal) because it has a ink transfer mechanism that uses heat to create imprints. In the case of direct thermal printers, the papers contain heat-sensitive pigments. The heat from the hot print-heads of direct thermal printers activates these pigments to make imprints on the paper.





We have three TSC Thermal Transfer Printers we recommend.


The first being …

The TE200:

The TE200 modular thermal transfer print mechanism protected by an outer ABS shell is designed to withstand tough environments. These affordable, hardworking printers will print high-quality labels all day long, producing thousands of clear, crisp barcode and identification labels per day. Both the printhead and platen roller can be easily changed without using any tools.

The TE Series can print a wide variety of labels ranging from shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags. Other applications include automobile service shops, walk-in shipping and mail centers, and inventory control for stock rooms. These little wonders can be used for any of the below…

  • Work in Progress
  • Item Labels
  • Instruction Labels
  • Agency Labels
  • Patient Identification
  • Pharmacy
  • Specimen Identification
  • Shipping Labels
  • Receiving Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • File folder labels
  • Product identification
  • Price Tags
  • Shelf Labels
  • Jewellery Tags



Next up we have the …

The ML240:

Take a step into a new generation of smaller industrial barcode label printers that are designed to fit into more work areas. They feature a durable design, ease-of-use, noise-reduced printing, self-diagnostic TPH Care and easy maintenance.


Streamlined and Small Footprint Design…

The ML Series is 34% smaller. Compared to TSC TTP-244M Pro Series, the ML240 Series is 23% smaller. The small footprint design saves more space and fits in limited operation areas.


Robust and Agile Design for Optimal Quality…

The combination of rugged die-cast, modularized base, and adjustable TPH module design structure optimizes print quality.


Engineered to Reduce Noise from Printing…     

The ML Series 4-Inch Performance Industrial Printers are engineered for minimal noise production during printing operation.


Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism…     

The ML Series incorporates an advanced mechanism allowing for real-time printhead health status detection. It can stop printing errors to ensure stable and high-quality printouts. Not having to reprint labels reduces cost and eliminates supplies waste.


Effortless User Operation with Color Display…    

The ML240 Series has a user-friendly design providing a wide-open angle for easy media handling. Its easy-to-use 2.3-inch color GUI display and real-time LED indicator is designed to be intuitive making printer operation effortless.


One-Step Maintenance…    

No tools are required to remove and replace both the print-head and platen roller, saving time for more important tasks.


  • Warehouse & Logistics
    • Packing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Shipping/Receiving
    • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing
    • Work In Process
    • Product Marking
    • Compliance Labeling
  • Healthcare
    • Blood Test Tube Label
    • Patient Wristband Label
  • Retail
    • Product Label
    • Event Ticketing

Last but not least we have the …

The MB240:

Smart Colorful Display Version…

The new MB240T comes with an easy to use high-contrast 3.5-inch color touch LCD panel with 6 buttons. Common tasks such as label calibration are one touch away. Menus can be customized to bring frequently used tasks to the front screen for faster, less complicated operation.


Enhanced Print Quality…

The MB Series 4-inch industrial printers feature the best print quality TSC offers thanks to faster processors and upgraded firmware. We call our enhanced print quality “Thermal Smart Control” which tracks and precisely calculates the duration that each pixel needs to be heated to provide accurate, crisp and clear labels every time, whether you are printing one label at a time or thousands of labels in a batch.


Available in both 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolutions for a wide range of applications…

The MB Series can print on a wide variety of labels, ranging from healthcare patient safety, electronics and jewellery labeling to shipping and distribution labels, making it ideal for industrial duty printing.


Communications to meet your needs…

Connect to any host with a variety of interfaces including Ethernet, USB, USB-Host, Serial RS232 or optional 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless or Bluetooth. There is also an optional General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface for connection to a variety of industrial and label application equipment.


Options including Label Peel, Present Sensor and Internal Rewind…

The MB series can be equipped with an optional Peel, Present and Internal Rewind that peels the label as it exits the printer and waits for the user to take the label until printing the next label. The backing waste is conveniently taken up inside the printer on an internal re-winder. Other options include cutters, Peel and Present, GPIO and wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth communications.


  • Manufacturing
    • Work In Process
    • Product Marking
    • Compliance Labeling
    • Industrial-Duty Printing
  • Warehouse & Logistics
    • Packing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Shipping/Receiving
    • Inventory Management
  • Retail
    • Product Label
    • Event Ticketing

All in all these thermal transfer printers provide simplicity and agility to any business. They are prefect for crowded work environments and designed to be durable. They can be used just about anywhere, at home, office or on the move.

They are super tough and can even be used in the harshest of industrial environments.

They will not doubt provide you with years of trouble free printing.


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We hope we covered all we could in the blog and explained just how wonderful these printers are.

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