This month we focus on Service!

What does that mean to you and how does that effect me?

We know how important the services we provide are to YOU.

We will stop at nothing to continue improving on this and assist you as a business owner.

Let’s go through the services we provide as a company and how they can be useful for you and the future of your business.


Servicing & Maintenance:

With our fully trained technical staff, we can fix, service and offer preventative maintenance to Ishida & CAS scales, TSC Printers and Edikio Card Machines. We will assist in keeping your valued machinery in a good shape. Please contact the branch nearest you found on the contacts page.


Sales & After Sales Service:

You have great ideas, we have great products. Let us help change those ideas into reality. With both dedicated Sales personnel and Sales/Service Technicians based in all 10 of our branches, on request, we will visit your business and offer the best advise possible on your weighing and labelling requirements.

We pride ourselves on our After Sales Service. Offering “on the road” after Sales Service in South Africa based in 10 centres in South Africa. Our Product Distributors and service throughout Africa broadens our service spectrum. We will ensure that your equipment is kept up to date and regularly serviced, keeping your assets in perfect working order. We also boast a well-stocked Spare Parts Department with spares to meet every eventuality as well as a hi-tech repair centre in Johannesburg.


NRCS Repair & Verification:

Avocet Scales and Labels accommodate both Scale Repairers and Verification Officers at all 10 branches. Our Verification Officers have all undergone specialized training. Being designated to the National Regulator of Compulsory Services (NRCS), we are available to discuss Verification’s, Repairs and Prescribed Purpose use with you and how it will improve your business.


How Verification works for you…

Measurement is very important in our daily life. From the litre of milk you use for your porridge and coffee, to a tank of petrol for your car, from ingredients for baking a bread, to the calculations used for car licenses.

It all ties up with the measurement of some kind. Fluid, volume, distance and mass is what you pay for on a daily basis.Verifying these measurements to ensure its validity, can only be done by a NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) designated body.

We have been designated by NRCS to verify mass measuring instruments (Scales) for over a decade. We have also been designated as a Repair Body since the inception of the repair laws.

Don’t suspend your verification, get us to have a look at what you need!


On-going consumables & supplies:

We can manufacture all types of custom made self-adhesive labels to meet our customers growing requirements. A wide range generic Thermal Scale, Printer Labels and consumables are also available, which meet the requirements of the South African and Africa markets alike.


We support the effort of “going green” and also have linerless lables available.

Linerless? What exactly is Linerless…

These labels are pressure sensitive labels that do not have a release liner,

which mean they do not need any backing paper.

This is not only good for your company and cost effective but also great for the environment.


What are the benefits of Linerless Labels:

  • Cost effective –  it means more labels per roll, this means lower transportation costs.
  • Environmental friendly – There is no matrix to strip so it will lower your waste costs.
  • Bond to various substrates including recycled materials.
  • Offer pressure sensitive reaction with the silicone coating
  • Have many different application methods.
  • Able to accommodate high speeds and required print resolutions.
  • Can also adjust to slower speeds and lower application temperature requirements – Useful for Deli’s
  • Can also be used in warehouse and retails plants to mark items with removable labels.


Barcoding & Customized Software:

As an accredited partner of the GS1 Alliance Associate Partner Program, our staff will be able to guide you on Barcode queries.

Special retail or manufacturing requirements can be accommodated with custom software to benefit your business and have our equipment serve you in the best possible way – as we have done for so many clients already.


How will barcoding help make my business more efficient?

  • Barcoding is Fast and accurate capture of data reduces paperwork and chance of errors.  Your objective should be to eliminate manual clerical, time consuming tasks.  The bar code data capture and positive confirmation of transactions will significantly reduce errors from keying from manual systems in receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, inventory control, etc.
  • Reduced labor costs.  Some savings will be realized from clerical hours eliminating paperwork.  For example the transfer or replenishment to and from transactions reduces the manual effort for writing transactions, controlling and entering them into the warehouse system.
  • Timely information.  It should be noted that not all bar code systems or functions are necessarily on-line.  But through on-line or short interval batch updates scanning, update and tracking functions information is much more immediately available for not only inventory functions but other apps using its input.  Examples include product receiving reports, labor hours capture by function, cycle counting that may alert you to warehouse back orders, etc. But note you have to have information systems to support these functions.
  • Productivity measurement.  Accurate and timely data capture ability to track individual and department function performance and posting individual results will increase productivity.
  • Reduced training time.  Warehouse processes using bar coding are often easier to teach new employees because it streamlines and clearly defines processes and best practices and more importantly your company’s warehouse standard operating procedures.  The implementation of bar coding requires standardization and disciple of processes which is a huge benefit.
  • Better decision making.  This culminates in the most accurate and timely data capture you can gain to better utilize your inventory and people assets.  You will not be  dependent on individual managers to collect data in their time-frames and with their methods.  You can implement standardization processes of how warehouse department managers plan and control work.
(Ref – F. Curtis Barry & Company Blog -Pros and Cons of Bar Code Technology)



At the end of the day, whether you are opening a new store, starting a new adventure or changing with the times, we are here to help and make this process SO much easier!


We cater to a wide range of industries. Retail, food processing, transport, industrial, farming and hospitality.

We can provide wide range of weighing equipment boasts brands of high calibre. ISHIDA, CAS and KELI that form part of the weighing and wrapping equipment while TSC and Edikio covers the labelling and tagging needs.


Avocet provides accuracy, reliability and efficiency coupled with affordability and great service.


We wont let you down!

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